Mental health and the festive season

Have you ever been in a crowded place and felt lonely?

We all do at some point, I have at times felt very alone, even though I have been surrounded by family and friends!

Christmas time puts a lot of stress on mental health.

There is always the pressure of work, and I'm not just talking about paid jobs, we work flat out leading up to Christmas to make sure all our jobs are up to date. It maybe having the house clean, the yard looking good, having all the reports done for your boss!

Then there is the financial burden, we all want to spoil our loved ones, family and friends. We all want to shower them with gifts, spend that extra dollar on something we think they will really love, even though we know we can't really afford it!

And of course it's the party season! So we have the added pain of food, drinks, looking good, who to invite etc!

Lastly is time! We never seem to have enough time to fit everything and get everything done in before Christmas Day!

All of these things are weighing us down, making us feel stressed and alone!

So how can we look after our mental health leading into the Christmas season and during it!

We are all human, we can only do what we can! Set yourself goals! Goals that are achievable! Realistic!

Accept that there are only 24 hours in a day, and that we have to sleep for some of that!

Accept that we are all on a budget, our loved ones will treasure anything we get them, it truly is the thought that counts! I love cards people make themselves!

If you are hosting Christmas, ask family and friends to bring food and drink!

EXERCISE! Go for a walk! Exercise really does help you mentally and physically!

We are all in the same boat, so you are not alone!

We are always here for you!


 Faye C 💕



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