Turning 50!!

Turning 50!!

   I mentioned in a recent post that I was looking forward to my upcoming 50th birthday. One of the comments I received claimed that I "must have rocks in my head".

   I was a little saddened by this comment as it pointed out the ever present negativity when it comes to getting older. Which, unfortunately, when you listen to people, is a common mindset. So, I would like to point out the reasons why I am looking forward to turning 50.

   First, and foremost, turning 50 is a privilege not everyone gets to experience. So, therefore, I am grateful to be among the fortunate group who do. We celebrate birthdays because each year is a gift! A gift of experiences, of adventures, of memories.

   This milestone birthday means I can draw on 50 years of life experience to help guide me in my journey ahead. I can look back on the decades of lessons learnt to help make decisions that will suit who I want to be and what I want for the rest of my life.

   Birthdays are also good for setting goals. I plan to be the fittest I have ever been at 50 so that I can take on a multitude of adventures with family and friends or, even on occasion, solo.

   On a lighter note, turning 50 moves me up in age group in running events and triathlons...LOL!

   However, in a world of air brushing, "anti-aging" products, and "secrets to the fountain of youth" marketing, is it any wonder we have been conditioned to fear the aging proccess. 

   But your age does not define your ability or capability, your health and lifestyle does! These two are often confused when it comes to justifying to ourselves our "can't"s and "shouldn't"s.

   But, the main reason I am looking forward to turning 50 is because I choose to!

   choose to enjoy whatever age I am. Because age is inevitable, regardless what the number is. No one can change their age, but they can change the way they receive it. I choose to embrace it. There is no defining number of years that you reach where you suddenly say OK, I'm now "old" and I have to stop living my life!

   Our age is never a choice, but the way in which we embrace it is. And, let's face it, the alternative is not good.

   So make the most of your physical abilities. Build on them. Go for walks along the beach, hop on a bike, slide down a slippery dip if you feel the urge! Whatever it is that you are capable of doing, do it!

   I once listened to the late great Muhammad Ali sum it up in a few words. When asked in an interview if he was afraid of getting old, he simply answered,

   "NO!...I wanna get REAL old!"


 Faye C 💕



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